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Terms of return of goods

Returned goods and warranty

Warranty and complaint. Helmholt Elektronik A/S offers warranty in accordance with the 24-month right of complaint in accordance with Danish Purchase Act (of which the first 6 months is an actual warranty period). Warranty beyond the 6 months prescribed by the Purchase Act is granted only to the extent that this is stated by the manufacturer (manufacturer's warranty) or in the purchase agreement (seller's warranty). During the first 6 months, defective goods are thus repaired / exchanged free of charge with us or the manufacturer, unless the error is demonstrably due to operating errors, modifications or misuse by the user. After the first 6 months and until the end of the complaint period after 24 months, repairs/exchanges will only take place free of charge if there is proof that the defect was present at the time of delivery - e.g. manufacturing or material defects, or incorrect information has been given about the product - e.g. about materials or functionality.
Please note that we are offering dealers an additional 6 months warranty. This means that you as a retailer can have the item in stock for up to 6 months and then still provide the customer with a 24-month right of complaint. However, always enclose a copy of your sales receipt if it is MORE than 24 months since the item was purchased from us! We do NOT handle complaints that were purchased from us more than 30 months ago.
Important: It always applies and without exceptions that complaints must be returned to us before we can initiate a warranty treatment!

Non-warranty items. Helmholt Elektronik A/S does not provide warranty on the following items:
- Incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes (as service life and durability depend on mechanical and current treatment).
- Burned output transistors in amplifiers, unless the deceleration can be attributed to a fault in the amplifier (such components are replaced after an accepted offer for repair).
- Items with a retail net price below DKK 40,- incl. VAT. (only in the case of common faults on several delivered units - party faults).

Return of goods. When you return goods, a completed return form must always be included. You can open the returned goods form by clicking on the link below:

Returned Goods Form

Helmholt Elektronik A/S does not cover return shipping costs, but you can order a GLS ShopReturn shipping form for DKK 41,60 excl. VAT via the following link (only for danish customers):

** Log in to see this link **

Note that this address label must be ordered on a separate order. You must not order other items on the same order. You can ship up to 20 kg. on one GLS ShopReturn address label.

Return of goods on cancellation can only take place by appointment. If it has been agreed that goods can be returned for crediting, 10% (a minimum of DKK 31,20) will be deducted in crediting fee as standard. In the case of seasonal products, 20% is deducted.

Exchange / credit. If the item is found to be covered by warranty, it will be repaired or exchanged. If this is not possible, or if you want it credited instead, the invoice amount will be credited to your account, no later than 5 working days after we have received the item back.

Repair service. If service is required, our technical service can be contacted on tel. 9684 0618.
Returns of goods for service are made by submission to: Helmholt Elektronik A/S, Farvervej 2-4, 7600 Struer, Att: 'Service'. The item will be repaired within approx. 1 week, unless special circumstances should occur.
Items covered by warranty / complaint are repaired / replaced free of charge. Items that are no longer covered by warranty are repaired after the customer's approval of repair offers. If the customer does not want the item repaired, the item can be returned for a service fee of DKK 200,- excl. VAT. If our technicians cannot find fault with a submitted item, the item will also be sent back for a fee of 200,- excl. VAT.
Defective building sets are repaired at a fixed price of DKK 100, - plus 25% of the building set's recommended retail price.

General reservations. Helmholt Elektronik A / S does not cover craftsman, or other expenses in connection with disassembly and reassembly of the product. We also cannot be held responsible for manufacturing defects in products.
Remember that we can not check on submitted reps. goods are damaged before or during transport. Therefore, make sure that the item is carefully and properly packaged before shipping.